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We are dedicated to the application of modern technology to the Republic Seabee - the best sport utility aircraft in it's class. Contact us for a quote today!

Our Base System Includes:
  • Engine     
  • Engine Accessories
  • Engine System Modifications
  • Reduction Unit 
  • Motor Mount

Custom Work:

Over the years, we have successfully developed a number of Seabee modifications focused on improved comfort and safety. Ask us about any of these modifications:

  • Robinson V8 Custom Engine Package
  • MT Constant Speed, Reversible Propeller
  • Heating System, Including Windshield Defrost
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Door Seals
  • Main Landing Gear Modification for Improved Crosswind Capability
  • Tail Wheel Shock Absorber Modification
  • Electric Flap System
  • Extended Ailerons
  • Electric Elevator Trim
  • Mechanical Servo Assist Tab for Elevators
  • Through-Wing Exhaust System
  • Electric-Hydraulic Landing Gear System
  • Larger Baggage Compartment Access Doors
  • Floor and Seat Reinforcement
  • Custom Instrument Panel Design, Fabrication, and Installation
  • Raised Rear Seat Modification
  • Modified Water Rudder Post for Improved Functionality
  • Stainless Steel Fuel Tank Drain Tube
  • Larger 8" Disk Brake System
  • Drooped Ailerons

If you have an idea for your Seabee that's not included above, no problem. We will work with you to develop a custom modification to fit your needs.

Please Note: Engine kits sold only as complete systems. Reduction drives are not sold separately.

**Check out our article in International Republic Seebee Owners Club website!

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Our Terms

  • 30% at time of order
  • 30% 1 month later
  • 30% 1 month later
  • 10% prior to shipment

All orders are firm commitments. Deposits are non refundable.

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