Then and Now

Then and now......

Here are some of the before and after photos of projects completed by Eric B. Robinson Limited.

DHC Chipmunk old 6cyl engine (before)
DHC Chipmunk's new front and rear seat glass E.F.I.S.panel (after)
DHC Chipmunk with new radial engine (after)
DHC Chipmunk after rebuild and radial engine retrofit
Buzz Hale's (C-FOME) SeaBee before the rebuild
Buzz Hale's (C-FOME) in the shop before soda blasting
Buzz Hale's (C-FOME) SeaBee soda blasted and ready for the rebuild process
Buzz Hale's (C-FOME) SeaBee during it's rebuild
Finished product of Buzz Hale's (C-FOME) award winning SeaBee after rebuild

Custom tailwheel for a SeaBee
Single throttle lever on Brian Robinson's (C-FILM) SeaBee

Cessna with old 6cyl LY-CON experimental engine (before)
Cessna with a new Robinson V8! (after)

Supercharged V8 SeaBee (C-FILM)

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