Your Custom Aircraft with a Robinson V8!

The ease of engine operation combined with the legendary V8 smoothness and reliability results in unsurpassed performance for your amateur built aircraft. Multi-fuel capability and improved fuel efficiency results in significantly more operational flexability.

Short Reduction Drive

The use of a modern engine has the added advantage of allowing you to install state of the art heating and air conditioning systems for improved comfort in all climates.

Benefits Include:
  • Low acquisition cost
  • Reduce engine operating costs by 50%
  • Suitable for conventional (tractor) or pusher installations
  • Compatible with all propellers, including reversible
  • Integral gear driven propeller governor system
  • Fuel efficiency improvement (Range increase) of 30%
  • Modern technology for ease of operation:
    • V-8 smoothness
    • Modern fuel injection
    • Automatic altitude compensation
    • All aluminum construction
    • Liquid cooling
    • No shock cooling with rapid letdowns
    • Starting is effortless in any weather just like your car
    • No special operating technique to learn
    • Unlimited ground running with no concerns of overheating
  • Support available at any General Motors dealer or automotive garage
  • Fuel availability options:
    • Airport, Gas station or Marina
    • Burns 100 LL aviation fuel or automotive fuel

V8 Options

  • Engines
  • Parts & Accessories
  • Turbo charging & Supercharging
  • Heating & Air-conditioning

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