Compatibility Chart

Long Reduction Drive
The lower fuel consumption, coupled with the flexibility of burning either automotive or aviation fuel, results in unsurpassed range and versatility. The availability of modern heating and air conditioning systems provides previously unavailable comfort.

The following is a sample of the kit aircraft the V-8 is suitable for. The list is not intended to be all inclusive. If you have a project requiring 300 to 425 H.P., we have a package for you. Contact us to discuss you needs.

Manufacturer Model Website Phone Number
Aerocomp Inc Comp Air 6
Comp Air 7
Comp Air 7SLX
Comp Air 8
Comp Air 10 321-452-7168
Aircraft Designs, Inc. Stallion 831-649-6212
Associate Air LLC Liberty 181 410 White Oak Drive,
Cave Junction, OR 97523
Aviabellanca Aircraft Corp Skyrocket III 410-266-5518
Avipro Aircraft Ltd Bearhawk 602-971-3768
Barr Aircraft Barr Six 570-368-3655
Boeve Aircraft Inc MJ-7 37 W. 31 St.
Holland MI 49423
Creative Flight Aerocat SR
Aerocat SRX 705-457-2192
Culo's Spectialties Culps Special 318-222-0850
Express Aircraft Co. Series 2000 FT
Series 2000 RG 360-352-0560
Falconar Avia Inc. Faloconar SAL Mustang 780-465-2024
Fighter Escort Wings FEW P51 805-499-9737
Four Winds Four Winds 210/250 386-426-7795
Jim Kiball Enterprises Inc. Pitts Model 12 P.O.Box 849,
Zellwood, FL 32798
KLS Composites SQ-2000 423-451-0209
Lancair International Inc Lancair IV
Lancair Legacy
Lancair Legacy FG 541-923-2244
Midwest Aerosport Inc. Formula GT 913-397-6701
Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd. Super Rebel
Super Rebel TD
Moose 604-792-5855
New Glassair LLC Glass air hi hi I 360-435-8533
Raven Aircraft Corp. Raven 2XS 604-597-9296
Sherpa Aircraft T.-411 503-543-4004
St. Just Aviation
Interantional Inc.
Super Cyclone 450-541-8686
Team Rocket Aircraft F-1 Rocket 512-352-6979
Van's Aircraft Inc RV-10 503-675-6545
Velocity Aircraft Velocity XL-FG
Velocity XL-RG 772-589-1860

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