Frequently Asked Questions

What propeller do I use?
The unit will accept any propeller and governor. We have installed Hartzell, McCaulley & M.T. units. Reverse is an option with all our units. The choice is influenced by many variables such as cruising speed and airframe limitations. We are happy to discuss your specific application and work with the vendor of your choice to come up with the ideal solution for you.

Can I supercharge or turbo charge the engine?
We use stock factory new engines. There are several after market bolt-on systems available. We can help you select a package to meet your needs.

What is the newest LS engine?
General motors introduced the LS-1 engine in 1997, the LS-6 in 2000, the LS-2 in 2004, the LS-7 in 2005, and now the new and powerful LS-9 series. Call if you would like to discuss the differences.

What RPM do you run the engine at?
The engine is approved for 6200 RPM. To provide reliability for aircraft use, we recommend a take off limit of 5000 and a cruising limit of 3500. The actual RPM selected will depend on the propeller you select.

Can I use my existing Seabee cowlings?
Our conversion uses standard Seabee cowlings. It is a matter of personal choice. You could also use the GO - 480 style if you wanted to.

How high have you flown the V8 Seabee.
We did a direct climb to 11,000 foot density altitude (10,300 indicated altitude) and cruised around for an hour. The engine ran beautifully at all times. The mass airflow system automatically compensates for altitude.

What temperatures have you flown the aircraft in.
We have operated the aircraft from -20 F to +95 F. The engine operating temperatures were normal. The heating system starts producing measurable heat very quickly. The air conditioning system works well even while taxiing on a hot day.

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