Current Status

Date: August 2005
Interest in the V 8 powered Seabee continues to grow. We have seven converted Seabees flying, and four more under conversion. The first U.S. licensed V 8 powered Seabee is the Tahoe Special. Rebuilt from the ground up by Steve Lantz & Paul Shepard, the Tahoe Special is powered by an LS 6 coupled to a four-blade MT reversible propeller. The aircraft just won the Grand Champion Seaplane award at Airventure 2005! Based at Carson, City Nevada, they often fly from land or water with density altitudes in the 9000í range. Steve & Paul consider the air conditioning essential for operating in their climate.

Total fleet time is approximately 1800 hrs. The highest time V-8 Seabee is my own airplane CF-ILM. It has accumulated 1176 hours. The longest trip has been from Balsam Lake to Key West Florida and return. We use whatever fuel is available, automotive or aviation. The aircraft continues to perform flawlessly. The V 8 installation has been operated from sea to level to 10,000 ft., and in temperatures ranging from -20įF to 113įF.

From a pilotís perspective, the performance improvement is spectacular. From a passenger's perspective, the heating and air-conditioning systems as well as the noticeable reduction in the cabin noise level are welcome additions. From an owner's perspective, the 50% reduction in operating costs is significant.

Our current focus is now on improving the airframe. We have designed a large baggage door system, & it is currently installed on three aircraft. The owners love it! During the winter we modified the landing gear to improve the crosswind handling characteristics and added reinforcing below the stabilizers to stiffen the skin. We have completed design work on retractable wing floats and are in the initial stages of manufacturing them.

Steve Lantzís fabulous Tahoe Special armature built aircraft is flying proof that the licensing issues for the U.S. market can be addressed. There is nothing to prevent anyone from registering and completing their project with our drive package. The V 8 reliability, performance and economy are second to none, but donít take our word for it, talk to our customers.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to call us at 705-340-2408
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