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The process to register your Robinson V8 aircraft under the FAA Experimental Category is now straighforward, and the team at Eric B. Robinson Ltd. can help you through this process. Included below is the basic procedure for your information:


Submit bill of sale for project Aircraft as "bought for salvage Parts" to the FAA. Add a separate letter of salvage in order to remove it from the FAA registry as Salvaged. This de-registers this A/C and is an important first step.


Obtain written permission from your local FAA Flight Standdards District Office (FSDO) inspector in order to remove the data tag from the salvaged project aircraft. This step represents a great opportunity to develop a positive relationship with the FSDO inspector with whom you'll be working to complete the process. Be straightforward and explain that you require his help in order to certify your project in accordance with 14 CFR § 21.193, under a Special Airworthiness Certificate for the purposes of operating an aircraft in the experimnetal exhibition group 2 - Piston Engine Aircraft category, for the purposes of: 

  1. Demonstrating flight proficiency;
  2. Demonstrating the superior engine reliability of modern V8 engines; and 
  3. Participating in exhibition of the aircraft at airshows and public event in order to educate the public about the unique and interesting characteristics of this aircraft

It is important to understand that the FAA FSDO inspectors are busy folks, and that they will appreciate the fact that you've done your homework. Maintain professionalism and don't expect an answer on the spot, as these inspectors have a number of strict procedures and guidelines within which they must work to accomplish the goal of certifying your aircraft. They deal with a great variety of aircraft and requests and may require some time to get up to speed on your specific request and understand the nature of your Robinson V8 aircraft.


Reserve a new N number on the FAA web site. The following link should help out:


When your new N-number is confirmed  by the FAA, simply submit forms 8050-88 and 8050-1 for the new N number as:

  1. Manufacturer (preferably your new LLC Company or yourself). It cannot be the old manufacturer of the salvaged parts.
  2. Model  (Example: Military Seabee OA-15) or whatever you want to call it.  It cannot be the old model of the salvaged parts.

Here is a link to forms:

These forms need to be sent to the FAA Oklahoma City Registration Branch.

When your project is completed and ready for airworthiness inspection and operating limitations, issue a program letter to your FSDO inspector.  With FAA application for airworthiness form 8130.6.  They will take it from there.

Here is an example of program letter:

Program Letter Nxxxx

Date:  May xx, 20xx

To:  Mr. FAA Inspector

Federal Aviation Administration

XXXXX Flight Standards District Office

1234 Maple Lane

anytown, state zipcode

In accordance with 14 CFR § 21.193,  I request a Special Airworthiness Certificate for my aircraft Nxxxx for the purpose of operating an experimental exhibition, group 2 -  Piston Engine Aircraft. 1) For purposes of demonstrating flight proficency.  2) To demonstrate the superior engine reliability of modern V8 Engines.  3) To participate in exhibition of the aircraft at airshows and public events to educate the public about the unique and interesting characteristics of this aircraft.

The aircraft description is as follows:

Manufacturer: Your LLC                                    Registration No.:    Nxxxx

Model:  Your model                                                       Serial No.:    xxxxx      
Engine Make/Model: Robinson  LSV                No. of Engines:    01
Propeller Make/Model:    xxxxx

Number of Seats: Four

The aircraft will be available for inspection at it’s base airport: (your airport and hangar location).

The aircraft will be weighed prior to flight to determine weight and balance data. The marking requirements of Part 45 will be complied with prior to flight, including permanent attachment of a fireproof identification (data) plate, permanent application of appropriate registration marks.

The following placards will be displayed in the cockpit in full view of all occupants:

The word “EXPERIMENTAL" displayed near the entrance to the cabin or cockpit; minimum 2 inches, maximum 6 inches in height.

"Passenger Warning – This Aircraft Does Not Comply With Federal Safety Regulations For Standard Aircraft" .

Instruments and system controls will be adequately marked, identified, and function properly prior to flight.

The power plant /propeller will be ground-run to sufficiently determine they are operating properly for flight.

The Aircraft will be maintained under an Annual condition inspection that meets the scope and detail of 14CFR part 43, Appendix D.

I request that airworthiness certification operating limitations be issued permitting me to operate the aircraft in phase one within 50 Nautical mile radius of (Your Base Airport) with the exception of all A,B,C and restricted airspace and avoiding flight over populated areas.  Ten hours of  phase one flight tests will  be conducted to demonstrate control ability, engine reliability and establish the flight envelope.   After Phase 1 flight test completion,  I plan to operate the aircraft under Phase two operating limitations under VFR/day and VFR/night conditions under a group 2 Experimental Exhibition airworthiness certification within the continental U.S. proficiency area.

Kind Regards,


We've also included a link below to the FAA Order 8130.2G that includes the important section 4110, from page 4-71 to page 4-85, that outlines the detailed requirements under the Group 2 (and other groups) category. Simply copy and paste this link into your browser.


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