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Posted: Jun 27 2004, 04:32 PM
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Engine noise is an important issue when importing aircraft into Europe, due to very strict noise regulations (even pilots don't like too much engine noise...). I would very much appreciate any information and opinions on the noise levels of the following Seabee engine alternatives:

Franklin 6A8-215-B8F/-B9F
Lycoming GO-480 (Daubenspeck / Simuflight)
Lycoming IO-540
Robinson V8
Continental IO-470P
Continental IO-520

Which of them are less noisy and what alternatives are there to reduce external (ambient) engine noise on Seabees? Are engine RPM, propeller RPM, propeller diameter, number of blades the key factors? Have any of you experience with exhaust mufflers on Seabees to reduce noise? I have seen a photo of N6055K in Sweden with a special muffler arrangement.

Can anyone help with actual dB results? I have only seen and heard a Simuflight GO-480 Seabee (SE-AXB Sweden) and the external engine noise was surprisingly moderate (exhaust stacks above wings). Perhaps the low prop. rpm on GO-480s is the secret. Will a Daubenspeck Go-480 be more noisy (exhaust stacks going down below wings)?

I am working on a Seabee article for a Norwegian aviation magazine (to promote the World's best amphibian...) and your help will be highly appreciated! Thank you!

Steinar Saevdal


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