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LS Series V-8 Engine Conversion System


Factory new long Block as delivered from G.M.

Engine accessories

  Exhaust manifolds
  Engine wiring harness
  Engine Control Module
  Ignition wires
  Alternator mounting kit
  Belt, pulleys & tensioner

Engine System Modifications

  Modified throttle body
  Reprogramming of Engine Control Module
  Reduction drive oil supply fittings & plumbing
  Reduction drive oil return fittings & plumbing
  Remote oil filter kit
  Oil cooler

Reduction Unit

  Reduction unit assembled and installed on engine
  Low oil pressure sensor
  Complete oil system plumbing

Exhaust System

  Dual Stainless Steel mufflers
  Stainless exhaust tubing (mandrel bent)
  Exhaust system support brackets & clamps
  Exhaust system insulation

Cooling System

  Radiator mounting system
  Air filter & modified mounting system
  Overflow tank
  Fan shroud
  Dual cooling fans
  Air intake system
  Mass airflow sensor

Motor Mount

Complete motor mount system.
Fabricated from 4130, welded items powder coated & stress relieved

  Main Mounting Frame
  Rear motor mount suports
  Fuselauge/motor mount pickup system
  Motor mount rubbers

Cabin Heating System

  Dual speed blower
  Custom designed fan housing complete with air control dampers
  Front seat upper & lower vents
  Water flow control valve

Cabin Air Conditioning System

  Evaporator line connection kit
  Suction line accumulator
  Pressure switch
  Compressor installation kit including belt tensioners

Fuel pump/regulator system

  Dual Fuel pumps
  Custom designed regulator system
  Dual fuel filters
  Units assembled in mounting package