Changing the Rules

The following CARs were some of those affected and outline some of the privileges and benefits of the category:

  • CAR 507.10 The pilot/owner of an O-M Category aircraft no longer has to have inspections performed or supervised by an AME.
  • CAR 571.06 The pilot/owner can sign the maintenance release for a major repair or overhaul on an O-M aircraft and only needs to show that the repair conforms to the requirements of “acceptable data”.

  • Sources of “acceptable data” include, but are not limited to:
    • Drawings and methods recommended by the manufacturer of the aircraft, component, or appliance
    • STC documents for that type or other types of aircraft
    • Transport Canada advisory documents;
    • FAA Advisory Circular 43.13-1B and –2A Acceptable Methods, Techniques & Practices,
    • UK CAA Civil Aircraft Inspection Procedures (CAIP),
    • JAA Advisory Circulars, (ACJ) and
    • Publications issued by recognized authorities on the subject matter concerned.
    • Pilot/Owners may devise their own data, which need not be approved, but must be subject to an appropriate level of review or analysis, or be shown to comply with recognized industry standards, or commonly accepted practice.
    • Changes that affect the structural strength, performance, power plant operation, or flight characteristics of an aircraft must be reported to the Minister before further flight of the aircraft; such changes may require re-evaluation to confirm that the aircraft continues to comply with the applicable standards.
NOTE: The Minister of Transport is the final authority for determining the acceptability of data.
  • CAR 571.10 and CAR 571.11  The owner of an O-M aircraft, who is a pilot, can sign all the maintenance releases for the aircraft using the following wording: "The described maintenance has been performed in accordance with the applicable airworthiness requirements."
  • CAR 571.07  The pilot/owner can install new and used certified and uncertified parts on an O-M aircraft.
  • AWM 507.06(13)(a) The pilot/owner of an O-M aircraft may apply for a Special Certificate of Airworthiness without having to have available an approved Aircraft Flight Manual or approved operating limitations.
  • AWM 571.13 Aircraft in the O-M category are excluded from the requirement that only those parts specified in the type design of the aeronautical product are eligible for installation on that product.
  • CAR 605.84 Pilot/owners of aircraft operated under a Special Certificate of Airworthiness – Owner-Maintenance are not compelled to comply with airworthiness directives or to operate in accordance with airworthiness limitations applicable to the type design for the aircraft although they may voluntarily do so.
  • CAR 605.92 Pilot/owners of aircraft operated under a Special C of A – O-M are allowed to keep the required technical record reports in the journey log rather than keeping one or more technical records.

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