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1 - Canadian Owners and Pilots Association

COPA maintains an Owner-Maintenance Aircraft Category page in its monthly newspaper, Canadian Flight, which comes free with a COPA membership.

COPA also publishes the Canadian Flight Annual, a directory magazine of contacts for general aviation. COPA maintains a large Web site of information on general aviation.

2 - Transport Canada

Airworthiness inspectors in Transport Canada Centres are the O-M information contacts. They are listed in COPA's Canadian Flight Annual and on the TC Web site: The Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) GEN section contains the telephone numbers of the airworthiness representative in each region.

The Canadian Aviation Regulations, including maintenance regulations, appear on the TC Web site:

3 - The EAA and RAA are homebuilder organizations. Both are good sources of information on building, rebuilding or modifying airplanes. Both organizations have local chapters of friendly members with aircraft building experience. These are listed in COPA's Canadian Flight Annual and on the COPA website

Experimental Aircraft Association Canadian Council headquarters (EAA)
2348 Garnet St., Regina SK, S4T 3A2
Attn.: Rem Walker
Tel.: 306-352-6442; Fax: 306-565-0694

Recreational Aircraft Association headquarters
RR #1, Cheltenham ON, L0P 1C0
Tel.: 905-838-1357 or 800-387-1028; Fax: 905-838-1359

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