The COPA Guide to the Owner-Maintenance Category

Table of Contents

Under the O-M Category, Aircraft Pilot/Owners are Eligible To…
The Special Certificate of Airworthiness – Owner-Maintenance
Changing the Rules
Eligible Aircraft
No Experimental Aircraft Flight Permits
Helicopters on the List?
Checklist for converting aircraft to O-M Category
About those “X”s
Important Note on Licences
What can I do in this category?
Rebuilding and Modifying Aircraft in the O-M Category
Reversing the classification of an O-M aircraft
Insurance for O-M Aircraft
Licensed pilots only
Company registered aircraft not allowed
Who Can Work on O-M aircraft?
What Does the Maintenance Release have to Say?
What about the “Out of Phase” Maintenance Items?
Switching to floats
Non-certified floats for O-M aircraft
Owner-maintenance Aircraft Category – Counterpoint
For more information
Appendix A – Aircraft Currently eligible for the Owner-Maintenance Category

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