Who Can Work on O-M aircraft?

Anyone can work on an O-M aircraft but only two people can sign the maintenance release for the work done:

  1. The owner, who is also a pilot, can sign for the work done with a maintenance release
  2. Aircraft maintenance engineers (AMEs) are the only people, other than pilot/owners, who will be allowed to sign out work on an O-M aircraft.
Pilot/owners with a pilot license can still use the services of an AME, but may certify the work themselves. This may mean that some AMEs, who would be reluctant to work on an aircraft and then sign for non-certified repairs, may be more comfortable doing the work and allowing the pilot/owner to sign the Maintenance Release.

What happens if a pilotís Medical Certificate has been suspended or is expired? A pilotís medical validates the privileges of the licence for flying. Without a valid medical, pilots may continue to sign off maintenance on their O-M aircraft.

You should note that a Ministerís Delegate Ė Recreational Aircraft cannot conduct O-M inspections. The MD-RAís function is to inspect an amateur-built aircraft in order to ascertain that it is designed and constructed in conformity with STD 549. Any work on owner-maintained aircraft by an MD-RA would be outside the scope of their current delegation and would not be covered under their duty as a ministerís delegate

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