Licensed pilots only

There is one important difference between amateur-built aircraft and the Owner-maintenance Category.  With amateur-built aircraft, the aircraft pilot/owner may certify the maintenance. In the Owner-maintenance Category, the pilot/owner must also be a licensed pilot in order to certify the maintenance. This might not be a problem for most people interested in the O-M category, but there may be some pilots who want to register an aircraft in the name of a non-pilot spouse.

Transport Canada has confirmed that holders of a Pilot Permit - Recreational Aeroplane and Pilot Permit Ultralight Aeroplane are also qualified to own and sign for aircraft in the O-M category even though they are permit holders rather than license holders. The following limitations apply:

  • Pilot Permit Ultralight Aeroplane holders may sign for O-M aircraft that fit the limits of that permit:
    • Any single-engined aeroplane having not more than two seats, a maximum take-off weight not exceeding 544 kg (1,200 pounds) and a stall speed in the landing configuration (Vso) of not more than 39 knots
  • Pilot Permit Recreational Aeroplane holders may sign for O-M aircraft that fit the limits of that permit:
    • the aeroplane is a single-engined aeroplane that is not a high-performance aeroplane and the aeroplane is designed, or is authorized by a type certificate, to carry a maximum of four persons.
  • Student Pilots - A student pilot cannot sign a maintenance release even if they are the owner of the aircraft. The privileges of a Student Pilot Permit are restricted to training activities.

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