Insurance for O-M Aircraft

Owner-maintenance aircraft require the same minimum Third Party Liability insurance as other aircraft flying in Canada, which is $100,000 public liability for aircraft under 2,300 lb and $500,000 for aircraft between 2,300 and 5,000 lb. This does not cover passengers, crew or the aircraft.

Marsh Canada, COPA’s Administrator of group aviation insurance programs, has confirmed that COPA insurance plans will cover owner-maintenance aircraft. COPA's aviation insurance programs include third-party property damage and bodily injury, passenger legal liability, pilot accident coverage, ground and air hull insurance and work-in-progress insurance. For more information on COPA Insurance, see COPA’s Web site: or contact Marsh at 800-361-1625 Fax 514-285-4746.

Pilot/owners considering the option of transferring their aircraft into the owner-maintenance category should inform their insurance company of the impending change.

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