Rebuilding and Modifying Aircraft in the O-M Category

Under the Owner-Maintenance category, aircraft pilot/owners are allowed to perform and certify regular and specialized maintenance. This means that aircraft pilot/owners are allowed to rebuild damaged or run-out aircraft and modify existing aircraft.

The airplane being rebuilt or modified will have to be one that is type-approved in the certified category. The aircraft type will have to be eligible for a Certificate of Airworthiness. If an aircraft to be rebuilt or modified appears on the eligible list, contact the nearest Transport Canada Centre and notify them of your intentions. Once you are given the go ahead and before a Special Certificate of Airworthiness - Owner-Maintenance is issued, the government reserves the right to inspect the aircraft.

Transport Canada’s current policy is that there will be no systematic inspections. However, CAR 103.02 gives the Minister the authority to inspect if he so wishes. For example, an aircraft with a valid Certificate of Airworthiness going over to O-M may not need to be inspected. An aircraft that has been out of circulation with no flight authority in the last five years may perhaps need to be inspected. The decision to inspect or not to inspect rests with the Transport Canada inspector.

Owners of O-M aircraft are exempted from compliance with CAR 571.12 in reporting changes to the aircraft to Transport Canada. However, where the change involves the engine, the owner has to report and have the flight authority re-issued. The information on the Special C of A specifies the engine and must correspond with the aircraft.

You should note that you cannot increase the gross weight of the aircraft - the maximum take-off mass cannot be greater than that shown on the original aircraft file. The operating conditions that are part of O-M aircraft shall not authorize aircraft flight operation privileges other than those presently permitted by the aircraft flight manual, pilot operating handbook, aircraft operating manual or other equivalent document.

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