Current Status

current_status_1 We currently produce normally aspirated propulsion systems from 350 to 500 horsepower.

Currently there are nine converted Seabees flying and two more under conversion. We have installed one V-8 in a Murphy Super Rebel and there are two Skymasters currently undergoing modification. Together they have accumulated approximately 4000 hrs. The highest time V-8 Seabee is my own airplane, CF-ILM. It has accumulated over 1900 hours. The longest trip has been from Balsam Lake to Key West Florida and return. We use whatever fuel is available, automotive or aviation. The aircraft continues to perform flawlessly. We have flown the aircraft from sea to level to 10,000 ft., and in temperatures ranging from -20°F to 113°F.

From a pilot's perspective, the performance and range improvement is spectacular. From a passenger's perspective, the heating and air-conditioning systems are welcome additions. From an owner's perspective, the 50% reduction in operating costs allows me to do more of what I love - flying!

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